As an individual you can decide which type of services will meet your own specific requirements through the service channels that you would prefer. I group my services into two categories:

Personal Services which include

  • Life Coaching for Adults, Students and Scholars
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Business Coaching for individuals e.g. mentoring, career development, managing your performance, business understanding
  • Complementary therapy treatments and training

through one of our one-to-one service channels. whichever will be the most effective for you


Our Holistic Transformation Coaching or Workshops which will cover topics such as:

  • What is the relationship between my mind, body and spirit? How do they impact each other?
  • Who am I really? How can I discover the real ME?
  • What is my life perhaps even my soul purpose?
  • How does what I think and believe change my reality? How can NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) help me change this?
  • From Dreams to Vision to Goals to Actions – How do I achieve that?
  • Journaling – What is happening in my life and how have I grown?
  • Quietening your mind – What techniques can I use?
  • How can I use Brainstorming and my creativity to support my transformation?
  • Caring for my body – what are my pillars of support?
  • Energy and energy healing – how can I replenish my energy?
  • The power of Thought and Intention. What techniques are there to create the life of my dream?
  • Our environment. What is the role that it plays in my life?

I believe that these holistic range of services will help you in self-discovery, growth and empowerment so that you can unleash your potential to achieve beyond your wildest dreams.