My journey

I have had many life experiences which I believe have brought me to the place I am now. Many great experiences, others which may be thought of as devestating but despite that, all are wonderful. They give me an understanding and empathy for others in very difficult situations. They have taught me patience, tolerance and understanding. I am positive that I have been given these experiences so that I can help others move forward from their challenges and to take that Quantum Transformation to use all of their unlimited potential and to move forward to achieve their dreams.

So this is where I start….

Integrative Coach

I have a passion for bringing out the best of people and of the World.

I believe I should be the most exceptional unique Me that I can be. I will contribute all that I am and have to my World, other beings, environment and our Sprit to create an awesome difference.

  • To transform the ordinary to past the realm of belief.
  • To refect the wonder of our one Source with the most miraculous of Creation and Salvation.

This is the start of an adventure for beyond a life time