Dissociation PTSD | Complex Trauma | Child Abuse


Sometimes we struggle with all sort of complex emotions and these “symptoms” are often the ones that are addressed in therapy. Treating these symptoms is very important so it must not be ignored.

I believe in supporting others using coaching and mentoring. I know all the theory, I am a qualified Master Life Coach. I know and I see I make a difference in other’s lives helping them to turn their lives around and unleash their potential. I know what to do even practice what I preach yet when I coach myself I fail miserably. I am a pleaser and a conflict avoider who has yet to conquer these behaviours.

Reading this article I realise that I might suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is apart from the Bipolar, Major Depression and Anxiety disorders which have been medically diagnosed. These conditions I think may have come about or have manifested themselves from different major traumas in my life. I can not really think of any childhood traumas apart from immigrating from another country but I definitely have suffered other traumas in my life. I am not a psychologist so please do not think I am diagnosing myself. When you do talk to psychologists and psychiatrists they cannot understand everything you have been through in life nor do you have the time to tell them. You may not even identify these events as traumas, just some of lifes knocks. PTSD may be something you nor your support base have yet though about?

Perhaps this blog post from Roland Bal may help you to chat to a professional about your condition.

I will 🙂