Ideas to find some Positivity in your day

Create yourself a Positivity Journal. It can be an inclusion in your Gratitude Journal or a stand alone journal.

The aim of this Journal is to help you to change your thinking about your troubles. So often when we are having a difficult time it is so easy to become overwhelmed by our troubles. I find I can lose the small positive things that may have happened in the day within the rest of my troubles. That very trouble that I have been dwelling upon has actually presented me an opportunity for growth.

At the end of the day sift through the the day identifying what you might have been perceiving in a negative light. Don’t dwell on it and let yourself go into downward spiral. Acknowledge the emotion or event, see if there may be something positive that has come out of the event and if not move on to the next event.

Record all the positives you find for the day. Aim for at least 3 things a day.  If that is not possible write at least one. It can be as simple as “Today’s events are preparing me to be of service to others”.

It can also help to write a one-liner of your troubles. You can use this to compassionately see if there is a pattern that is emerging. This helps you to know where to focus so you can move into a solution mindset rather than being swamped and not knowing where to start.

Remember some events are just there to teach us something. There may be a couple of events that lead up to an A-ha moment.

Sometimes our events are there to help others. It may be part of our destiny to become a motivator, teacher or healer.

When you are down, read through your Positivity Journal to motivate you and help you focus on how far you have come.

I hope this will help you in your journey.

Light and love

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