I don’t know how to be any other way than the strong, independent person that I am.

I’ve braved the struggles of my life for so long, it’s just become ingrained in my spirit that I can do anything, overcome everything.

I’ve been battling the fires that tried to consume me for as long as I can remember.

But there are those days when the world just comes crashing down all around me and I’m fighting just to keep my head above water.

No matter how I try to say that I’m always fine, I still get tired..
And I truly need the type of rest that sleep alone can’t cure.
My body gets tired and my soul becomes weary..
And I just need some peace and tranquility.

I don’t need much –
Give me five minutes, half an hour..I’ll enjoy every fleeting moment of that stolen time to recharge my fire.

If you want to know my secret of how I get everything done and conquer the world without batting an eye, that’s it.
Seeking solace in the quiet times that I scoop up during my days to rest my soul.

I treasure those moments of solitude, for that is what keeps me going..
That and the love of my people, my zest for life and my “never say die” attitude.

I always want to be able to look back over my life, everything I’ve accomplished, the people I’ve loved and the happiness that I’ve created and know that I gave it everything I had.

I left no person unloved, no challenge unconquered and no dream unrealized.

After all, when it’s all said and done,
they may forget what I’ve said or done but they’ll never forget how I made them feel.


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