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People are weird, complicated creatures. That fact can make managing social life tricky if you haven’tstudied up on the quirks of human psychology. But the reverse is also true. By learning a few simply psychological truths about how our minds work, you can give yourself a huge leg up when it comes to succeeding at work,finding love, and getting what you want in life. And mastering basic psychological hacks will also give you a big advantage over most people, who navigate the world on instinct and emotion alone.

Here are some psychological life hacks :

  • My personal favourite is when people are angry at me; if I stay calm it’ll get them even angrier, and be ashamed about it after.
  • If you have a warm hadn’t when you shake somebody’s hand, you immediately become a more desirable person to get along with.
  • People have a certain image of themselves and…

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At the worst of times, this will sound like one of those flip comments like “get over yourself”. You just can’t see how you can achieve this as the problem just seems too big to get through.

However just see if you can find one tiny thing within the big problem that you think you can break through, even if it is getting out of the bed in the morning.

Celebrate your achievement. You have started to break through. One small step at a time. Remind yourself you are strong.

How many others can endure what you are enduring. Remember you have courage. You are very brave.