This incredible photo was taken in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. What makes this photo truly amazing is that most times when you find lions it may be only one or two. To see 4 to 5 is exciting, to spot cubs is a WOW experience. To find a pride of about 10 lions, 3 of which are cubs, is very rare and has me jumping in my seat with excitement. This photo of this particular pride is unheard of! I have probably been to the Kruger Park over 500 times. I am a dedicated bush lover so spend many hours looking for the great and small. I do not always find a lion. Certainly not every drive and I have not spotted a single lion during some visits. Visits varying from a couple of days to 3 weeks, driving more than 200km most days. To find a pride this big with so many cubs is mindblowing, a miracle as most cubs do not reach maturity.

The enormity of this photo is beyond my vocabulary. The rarity of such an incident! The patience of the photographer who must have spent many many hours waiting for an event such as this! We have a saying in our family that any sighting is being in the right spot at the right time, which is our way of expressing how grateful we are to see anything in the wilds. It is beyond exciting to see the health of this pride. I can go on and on 😅

This photo reminds me:

Every moment is a miracle. You just have to look for the miracle. Treasure the miracle. Be grateful for the moment. Be grateful for the miracle. Every moment is a miracle be it small or universal.

Life is the greatest miracle of all. Embrace and celebrate it and remain eternally grateful.

Love life ❤

Source of photo: Facebook

Reposted on Facebook by Renier van Zijl

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